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PPC interview question (common & In deep)

PPC interviewGeneral question which are being asked to judge your basic knowledge. This question which will help to clear the PPC interview.

  1. Whats is PPC

           PPc is Pay per click advertising model by google where a person can advertise their        product and a advertiser has to pay only when someone clicks on it. It works differently according to their advertising network.

2.Whats is Google adword

Google made google adword so that the advertiser can advertise their product using google and their google partner sites. PPC interview


3.What is the first level setting in your adword account

The first level setting in a google adword account is signing up and filling up the various information required by google ex. Name , address, billing, time zone


4.Why and how google adword is being used

Google adwodr make the advertising of different product and services visible to those person who are actually looking for it.

5.What are the different bidding system

Different bidding modules are CPC, CPM, CPA and it works different to know in details. This question is always asked when you are appearing for an PPC interview.for details Connect with me here.

6.What is ad rank

Ad rank is a rank which your ads get when a search query is being entered by a user which is being similar to the product and services offered by you. For details Connect with me here.

7.How does bidding helps ad rank

Ad rank is a = quality score * bidding. So, the better you bid the better ad rank you get.

8.What is quality score

Quality core consists of Ad relevance, Landing page relevancy, CTR. For details Connect with me here.

PPC interview

9.What is CTR

CTR is an important component of quality score which is calculated using                                Clicks / Impression * 100. CTR plays a very important role in getting a good quality score . For details click me

10.What the function of google auction

Google auction is done every time in backed by google whenever a google search is done by a user for a particular product or service. So, Google auction determines the bid and quality score of all the advertisement and shows up the most appropriate ads.

11.Name all the ad extension

Different types of ad extension are : PPC interview

Sitelinks extension

Callouts extension

App extension

Structed snippet

Review extension

Location extension

PPC interview questions

The ad extension are divided into automatic and manual extension. For details Connect with me here.

12.What options can’t be changed after creating a google adword account

The Timezone and currency won’t change after creating a account

13.What is conversion optimizer

Conversion optimizer is now being updated and called as  Target CPA. For information in detail click me.

For more detail and tough question needed to clear PPC interview . Connect with me here